BBC suspending 3D indefinitly

BBC will be suspending 3D indefinitly
   BBC has announced that the return to 3D won't be occurring for the year of 2014. On November 23rd, BBC aired Doctor Who in 3D for the 50th Anniversary and hasn't promised a return of the feature. It seems that the public isn't interested in the idea of 3D broadcasting, as glasses and special TV setups are required to generate any revenue for BBC and causes issues for the viewer.

The BBC is to suspend 3D programming for an indefinite period due to a "lack of public appetite" for the technology.
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   Kim Shillinglaw, the head of BBC's 3D department, says that it "has not taken off audiences".  Studies in the US show that no more than 120,000 people are watching 3D channels at once. The demand for the shows aren't relevant with a majority of the world's population not watching the TV often. Besides all the limiting factors of this, the continuation of the 3D department has been suspended and doesn't seem to be coming back at all, until 3D may become some sort of wave of the future or another technology comes along. I am excited to see what comes next, but 3D doesn't seem relevant.