Google reveals Chromecast

Image credit to Google
Chromecast is being offered at $35 a pop, and why would it be a good thing to get?

What it does

The new device from Google allows Netflix, YouTube, and Google Play streaming, along with 3 months free of the service on Netflix with the purchase, and an 'air-play' like functionality. The device allows web browsing and other Chrome services. 
The  streaming service
The device lets you run most Android (and hopefully) and iOS apps according to Google. We'll be reviewing this shortly and we hope that the service will expand and give us more.


Subscriptions may be required to use with certain content providers. Chromecast is compatible with WiFi-enabled Android 2.3+ smartphones and tablets; iOS 6.0+ iPhones, iPads, and iPods; Chrome for Mac® and Chrome for Windows®; and Chromebook Pixel. 
Chromecast Intro

First, if you read over these statements, you'll notice that other Chromebook compatibility seems to be non-existent other than a Pixel. This may mean that other Chromebooks may not be able to use the product, but this might not be the case. The one thing that makes it a bit different, their is no remote.

You must have a Chromecast compatible device to control your TV.

How it works

How it fits in the TV
The Chromecast plugs into HDTVs through HDMI. Next you set it up by connecting it to WiFi, and then your device can be streamed to by any one of your devices compatible with Chromecast. 

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Images credit to Google