Google Reader: What's next?

Feedly, a new alternative to Google's Reader
If you are currently using Google Reader, then you may know that the service will be retiring, putting many out a morning paper. Using services like Flipboard, Feedly, and Digg's new Reader, plus many more will allow you to sync your reader with their services, and you can keep your RSS alive and looking better than before.



Digg Reader:


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  1. I don't even know what Google Reader is... Is it a news service?
    Or just a aggregator like Flipboard. Aren't users able to save to their Reader account? Can other services do that or do they have to be "Subscribed To" is my confusion the reason for the demise of Google Reader?

    1. Google Reader was an RSS client that organized feeds from different sites into a stream of media from sites, from most popular to least, or you could see top site feeds. It is an aggregator like Flipboard though. The reason of the demise of Google Reader was said to be the "declining usage of the service" although as many have seen in the last few weeks, tech giants and average people don't agree with the closing of the service. Many replacement services are available and can use RSS services built-in most blogs (as in this one) by just entering the name of the site into the "reader". Feedly, shown above, is a very well built replacement for Google's long-lived Reader.


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