Surviving School Tip #1: School Supplies

School is just around the corner- have you gotten your school supplies yet? If you apply my tips below to your shopping, I can assure you that you'll save some money, time, and space. 

1. Print off the school supply list for your school. Be sure to get everything that your teachers recommended (including colors.) It would be a shame if you started the year off on the wrong foot with your teacher by not following easy directions. 

2. Think about last year. Ask yourself, "What did I use a lot of? Did I run out of anything?" If you answered yes, get extras of those supplies. I get about 50 mechanical pencils when shopping, because later in the year they cost a lot more. 

3. Get a planner if your school doesn't supply you one, or if you don't care for the one they give you. Make sure that your planner has enough room for you to write all of your homework and agenda down in a normal size. If you use it for a week and notice that you are forgetting assignments and after school activities, it is time to try something else.

4. Go shopping on tax free weekend if you are wanting to save some money. Check your state to see if they offer this, and if any restrictions apply. I do have to warn you that tax free weekend is CRAZY, and I personally don't think that it is worth it. 

5. Binders take up lots of space, and they fall apart easily. Try using a Hybrid Note binder by Mead. They are around $10-15 each USD, and you can find them at your local office supply store. I wouldn't recommend buying one for every class (mainly because of the price), but they are nice to use for maybe one special class (I use mine for Spanish) and then one for general use. Ex. folders for each class, planner, notebook paper, etc. 

6. Keep an eye out for the classic coupons. The savings add up fast!

I know that I didn't cover too much in this post, so if you have any questions/comments/suggestions please ask down in the comments! Happy shopping!

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