HTML Button Tutorial

Photo credit to Fitzsimmons Weekly

Pointless Button
Today I've got a tutorial on how to make a pointless button in HTML. It is simple and requires on piece of code, shown below.

<input type="button" value="Pointless Button" /><br />

You can use it to submit forms, and more. The input type does not matter for the most part, and the
value="your button name here" 
changes what the button text displays. You can use the button as a pointless button, as seen above, or configure it to a forum to submit. Either way, the code is nice to have.

Form Button
Here is a more, yet low, functionality button used in forms or pages in which you'd like to redirect to another page on a site. Here this button sends you to our news section of the site which has not been completed, coming soon! 

<form method="get" action="/news">
    <button type="submit">News</button>

Here is a form code, which will redirect you to the /anypageonasite.
For blogger, you will have to do /p/pagename.html.
For most sites, you will have to do /page or /page.html or /page.filetype

Link Button
Use this code if you'd like full control over where a button takes you. This allows you the control over where and where you move.

Code for Google:
<form action="">
    <input type="submit" value="Go to Google">

Code for FitzWeekly Home:
<form action="">
    <input type="submit" value="Home">