Mech Mice Beta Playthrough

Mech Mice

Mech Mice Beta Playthrough

3:48 PM: So far, I have gotten the installation started, for Unity. This player is required to start the game. Remember before I start, this game's beta just launched today.

3:50 PM: I have registered under my email, strange that their isn't a real username yet, but this could only be the beginning.

3:51 PM: Won't be as live on here, starting.
3:52 PM: I fell like this game is trying to make me blow up cacti. Strange concept. Something about repairing a tower.
3:54 PM: Odd, but I finished the first half. I got the "secret token".

3:56 PM: Robot bugs! In the desert! I really can't quite understand what is happening, but I like it. I'll be reviewing it soon. Screenshots and some live blogging.

3:58 PM: Starting Again Soon!

Next Time: We left the desert!