Top 12 iOS 10 Features We'd Like To See

With WWDC starting on June 13, I decided to compile my top 10 features we'd like to see on iOS 10.

12. Darkmode

Unlike Nightshift, Darkmode would invert the user intera elements, from white to dark gray or black, making the display easier on your eyes and less painful to see at night. It could be triggered through the control center.

11. Siri with text entry

Siri, as it works now, is noisy and embarrassing to use in public. It is a mess, and is frankly falling behind the competition. If you could talk to Siri right through Spotlight on the home screen, that would be amazing. Every device that will run iOS 10 has Siri support, so there is no reason to not include it.

10. Set alarms that are not disabled by Do Not Disturb

Sometimes when I go sleep, I leave my phone on Do Not Disturb for some reason. Sometimes a noisy group chat or I just want to sleep peacefully, but in whatever case, it is enabled. This disables any alarm that I have set for the next morning which can throw me off my schedule.

9. Set 3rd party default apps

I love to use Inbox by Gmail as my main Email client, Google Maps for directions, and Camera+ as a more in-depth, feature rich camera app. If apps meant the Apple requirements, what makes them unqualified to replace the (sometimes) lacking default apps?

8. Customize the Control Center

I love to swipe up and have access to all of my important toggles, but I don't need a calculator or Bluetooth toggle. I would love to switch those out with another function or application shortcut, and it would make every phone unique and personal.

7. Apple Watch-esque themes on the lock screen

If there is anything Jailbreaking has shown Apple, it is that customizing devices, especially lock screens, is important to people. If  I could change the lock screen's clock placement and add other widgets like weather alerts, sunset and sunrise times, my step counter, music shortcuts, etc. that would be excellent. 

6. Map/change the function of the phone's buttons

If I could modify the volume buttons to change the brightness, make it so I can tap the home button instead of clicking it, allowing the power button to pull up an app by one push and double push it to turn off the screen. It would be like Activator for jailbroken devices and give each phone a personal touch. Of course, holding the home and power buttons down will shutdown the device as a failsafe.

5. Split-screen iPhone apps

There isn't more to say, iPad split-screen app support on iPhone.

4. Ultra Power-saving Mode

Allow iOS to go into slowdown mode and give access to only essential apps to give a device much, much longer battery life.

3. Mini Apps

Apps that load from webpage links, like Android N. I don't know how to explain this well, but having a micro-app pop up instead of downloading an entire app to do a single thing is a much better idea.

2. Close all apps in multitasking and webpages in Safari button

Every year I assume it will be added but it never is. Being able to quickly clear all active apps/pages would be handy.

1. Native watchOS apps

Having some apps that fill my home screen just so I have a watchOS app is useless, and the Apple Watch becomes useless as well without the phone. iOS 10 needs to have native watchOS support to load apps without the need of the phone.


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