Dark Mode for OS X Tutorial

Dark Mode for OS X

Compatible with OS X Yosemite and El Capitan. macOS Sierra support is not complete.

(For El Capitan only) Disable System Integrity: 

1. Shutdown your Mac
2. Hold ⌘ + R at the same time during the start up process to enter Recovery Mode
3. On the Finder bar, go to Utilities -> Terminal
4. Type csrutil disable and press enter
5. Type reboot and resume the tutorial

Nvaigate to Utilites -> Terminal
After typing csrutil disable you should get this message and then you are ready to reboot

1. Download mySIMBL
2. Download DoctorDark
3. Open DoctorDark.bundle and mySIMBL at the same time or drag DoctorDark.bundle into the mySIMBL app. This will instantly load DoctorDark.bundle.
I selected them at the same time and then clicked mySIMBL
4. Go to the Preferences tab and click Inject into running applications
5. Blacklist any applications that become glitchy or ugly with BlackLister.

Dark mode should be active!

This tutorial was made possible by w0lfschild on Github. He is the creator of cDock, Flashlight, mySIMBL, this plugin and so much more. Thank you for making these tweaks.